CSI-Miami 9.0

Crime solving game. From the television series CSI
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The minimum system requirements for play this videogame are: Pentium III 600 MHz; 3D graphic video card compatible whit DirectX 9.0 with 16 Mb; 256 MB de RAM; 650 MB free space in the hard drive.
The argument of this videogame is almost the same of the previous CSI videogames. We are a new agent that just arrive to the department of criminology from Miami. Our work will be to visit many crimes scenes looking for every new evidence, to interview the witnesses and every suspects.
The video clips that appear when we go from one location to another, are for first time identical to the television serie.
The system of movement and inspection is identical to the other CSI games as well as the tools of detection and collection of evidence.
CSI is not a game that surprise by their graphics. The style is somewhat outdated in comparison to the adventure games of today, but even so we have to recognize that perfectly fulfilled its mission of spend a entertaining moment in front of the screen.

Rodrigo Ramos
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  • Very similar to the others CSI videogames
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